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PayGenius is a subsidiary portal for Industrial Psychology Consultant {Pvt) Ltd whose vision is to be the most sought after HR Advisor in any territory that we operate in.

The PayGenius portal is an interactive remuneration and compensation information portal. The aim is to assist employers to get market salary information that will enable them to design competitive, fair, equitable, affordable and sustainable remuneration systems. Ultimately for employers, we want them to be the most preferred employer brands. {IPC Best Employer}

For the job seeker, IPC Jobs Portal, the portal avail information that will enable individual employees on the job market to bargain for competitive remuneration.

  1. You want to know who the best employers are, the information is here: IPC Best Employer
  2. You are looking for talented job-ready candidates search here for free: IPC Jobs Portal
  3. You want human resources consultancy advice see what we have here: IPC Main Website

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