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Why choose PayGenius?


PayGenius is there to help employers and employees compare their salaries against market trends. Prospective employees want to know how to respond when asked how much they want as starting salaries. Employers want to ensure that remuneration related grievances are kept at a minimal. PayGenius provides job seekers, corporates and executives an easy to use platform which provides information that addresses your specific needs. Questions regarding how much you should pay or get paid and how you should structure your employees’ pay are answered by the click of button..


Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is committed to making PayGenius an effective compensation and benefits management tool that is reliable and keeps information provided by clients safe and confidential. Our Confidentiality Agreement can be accessed here Confidentiality Agreement .


Failure to pay market competitive salaries result in your organisation losing its key talent to competitors’ since organisations are after the same skills. Employers who address salary related grievances improve their employees’ commitment to work which in turn improves employees’ productivity. It is therefore imperative that you benchmark your pay rates and policy against your trends in your industry using our reliable salaries database. PayGenius will help you reduce employee turnover and unnecessary recruitment costs that are linked to poor pay.

Reliable Sources of Information

Our salary survey covers all employers in the region. The information presented in our reports is employer-reported. This means that we use information that is submitted by custodians of payroll information in organisations as opposed to using information that is supplied by employees and job seekers. Employee-reported or job seeker-reported information is generally not reliable as these two groups may inflate or deflate their salaries for varied reasons leading to inaccuracies. Because of our 100% Confidentiality Policy on information provided, we provide a safe platform where organisations confidently share accurate information pertaining to their remuneration practices.

Removal of Anomalies

We explore salary information submitted by organisations for anomalies and rectify them before uploading it in our database. This ensures that our salary survey results and recommendations are not affected by a few positions that are either paid too high or too low.

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